AWN Nanotech is a Montreal-based deep clean-technology company, providing a paradigm-changing zero-energy solution for atmospheric freshwater generation.We focus on water scarcity problem by proposing a proprietary nanotechnology that generate freshwater from the air without energy. AWN provides high-quality potable freshwater to parched areas of the globe. We commercialize energy-free AWG devices based on a unique nanotechnology, to various water-needing market niches as well as deploy them into remote communities. Inspired by nature, AWN Nanotech has developed a patent pending (P53958US00) highly differentiated nanotechnology-based platform with products producing tens to thousands of litres of freshwater per day from the atmosphere without consuming external power, knowing that there is more water in the atmosphere than in all of the world’s rivers. Although not readily available in dry or polluted locations, this water can be extracted and purified into potable water for human, animal, plant and food and industrial processes. AWN Nanotech meets the need experienced by more than 1.2 billion people worldwide: a reliable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly source of freshwater. It relies on low level renewable sources of energy for its minimal energy consumption. This proprietary technology is unique; it provides an ingenious, efficient solution to vastly enhance Fog Harvesting and Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG). Our system design is highly scalable and modular. It can be customized to meet the need of industrial customers, community infrastructure or individual households. Our industrial products provide an “off-the-grid” and easily deployable means to produce fresh drinkable water eliminating their dependence on expensive grid electricity and city water. Our product overcomes many major flaws of marketed water supply systems, such as heavy capital cost, high power requirements, or the need to be located in a coastal regions.


Richard Boudreault


Chief Executive Officer

Richard brings his extensive expertise on material and product development, having commercialized new materials for aerospace, medical devices, and high purity materials in semiconductors. He has over 50 publications, 80 patents and has founded 12 high-technology companies (including two successful plasma nanomaterials corporations). He is a repeat entrepreneur and has successfully lead 12 science and technology-based companies that are commercialized and propelled the creation of more than a few thousand HQP jobs. Mr. Boudreault is also the recipient of the prestigious George E. Pake Prize award, bestowed by the American Physical Society for his remarkable success in industrial physics.

Mostafa Najafiyazdi

B. Sc., M. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering 

Technical Advisor

Mostafa holds a M.Eng. degree in Mechanical Engineering and is finishing his PhD studies at McGill University in the same field. He is proficient in energy system designs, fluid flow and computational fluid dynamics, machine design, as well as high-tech software development. He is a valuable team member due to his experience in new technology development and modeling. Mr. Najafiyazdi has previously worked on several research projects and lead them to commercial demonstration.

Alessio Aufoujal

B. Eng. in Chemical Engineering
Junior Project Engineer

Alessio is a young, starting chemical engineer from Polytechnique Montreal. He is proficient in project engineering and management, especially in industrial research contexts, having worked in several technological start-up companies during his studies. He is a quick learner, highly adaptable and creative in his projects. Mr. Aufoujal has good numerical, process modelling, and life-cycle assessment skills, which is beneficial for the entire AWN Nanotech team.

Jamil El-Najjar

B. Sc., M. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering
Junior Project Engineer

Jamil is a skilled mechanical engineer with more than three years working experience in oil and gas industry. Mr. El-Najjar brings his expertise in mechanical systems design, product manufacturing and commissioning into AWN Nanotech team. His heritage and life experience in the Middle East brings value to AWN’s future expansion plans. Jamil is a team-player, creative individual and a strong presenter.


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