2018 George E. Pake Prize Recipient

Richard Boudreault 

Polar Knowledge Canada

For outstanding research accomplishments in electronics, photonics, and advanced materials during his distinguished senior-level career in management and administration of scientific corporations and government institutions over a period of 40 years.

American Physics Society (APS)

Water’s Next Award Finalists

Happy to announce that we have been chosen as finalists for the Drinking Water category at Water’s Next award organized by Water Canada. This award honours the incredible achievements and ideas of individuals and companies that successfully work to make a positive change to water in Canada and abroad.

Water’s Next

Accolades finalists

Thrilled to be chosen as finalist for the 2019 Accolades award organized by the West Island Chamber of Commerce in two categories:

  1. High technology and innovation
  2. Sustainable development

Accolades Finalists

Creative Business Cup – Canadian Finals 2019

Hounored to win Canada’s national pitch competition for the Creative Business Cup-Canadian Finals. AWN NANOTECH was chosen as Canada’s most creative Startup.

We will be representing Canada in the 2019 Creative Business Cup-Global Finals in Copenhagen, Denmark, from June 29 to July 2nd.

Creative Business Week

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Nanotechnology Firm Finds Water in the Driest of Air

March, 11th 2018

The company Awn Nanotech, based out of Montreal, have been leveraging the latest in nanotechnology to make that water harvesting a reality. Awn Nanotech, most recently, released new information about their progress at the American Physical Society’s March meeting — the world’s largest gathering of physicists.


(Credit: Shutterstock)

A Nanotech Device Harvests Water in the Driest Places

By Eric Betz
March, 6th 2018

The latest effort [to extract water from air] was announced at a press conference Monday in Los Angeles at the American Physical Society’s annual March meeting. It’s the world’s largest gathering of physicists. A Montreal-based start-up company called Awn Nanotech says it’s created a device that uses nanotechnology to pull fresh water from the sky.


(Credit: Pixabay)

When the river runs dry

By Samantha Harrington
August, 29th 2018

This article highlights how the Rio Grande River drought in New Mexico is affecting life and creating conflicts between different states over the water share and the need for a new water policy and agreements over water  apportionment. Statements from the arid Southwest residents and experts from University of Arizona are included describing the harsh condition of the drought situation.


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