Current technological approaches use energy intensive variations on thermodynamic cycle processes to condense, clean and collect water from air humidity. Another principle that has been investigated involves forcing humid air through a desiccant materials. Limitations for such technologies include the lack of a low-cost and effective desiccant material as well as the slow water recovery process, as it relies solely on gravitational force contrary to ours. these technologies have limited operating range and efficiency drastically drops as capacity increases in non-optimal conditions.

The below table shows the Levelized cost of water (LCOW), which represents the capital and operational cost of our atmospheric water generator over its  lifespan. Our AWG technology cost is 97% lower than the best AWG condensation systems available in the market.


  • Low Power Consumption: AWN NANOTECH’ s AWG technology is characterized by its high energy efficiency and low electricity input 
  • High Water Output: Our products are capable of producing large quantities of water in a wide range of conditions, starting from 20% Relative humidity
  • Low Maintenance Cost: AWG requires very minimal maintenance to produce freshwater and all auxiliary parts are bought “off-the-shelf”, without the need for any special parts
  • Modularity: AWG parts are fully mountable and dismountable and large systems can be achieved by stacking the modules
  • Democratized Technology: AWN NANOTECH products are easy to use “Plug and Play”, capable of operating off-grid compared to current methods of obtaining freshwater 
  • Scalability: AWG can easily be scaled-up in capacity with minimal trade-off for efficiency
  • Secured Technology: Patents for AWN NANOTECH’ s AWG technology have been filed (P53958US00)
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